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Team Achievements

Montross Companies offers a proactive approach to training onsite maintenance personnel. Several companies have taken advantage of our services in which we would go out to a property and educate onsite personnel on the various types of roof systems, correct repair techniques, and the identification of problem areas. Some competitors would lead you to believe this was taking business away. However through this education and training, if the onsite personnel are unable to make repairs themselves, they are able to give us the proper information on their particular problem so to better prepare us to make the appropriate repairs.

Another procedure we have implemented is a customized rain leak and repair service request form. Often in times of haste, management companies would send over incomplete requests for repairs, or call in a request and would forget to add a second or third location. By the implementation of our service requests that can either be faxed or emailed, both the management company and our company have verification that the requests and responses were sent and received. All requests are entered into a database where we are able to build a history of service work completed for each project. This enables the management company to see which buildings are having the most leaks and budget replacements accordingly.

As a small company, Montross Companies provides excellent customer service with a personal touch. Each aspect of communication is professional and responsive starting with the moment the client contacts our front office with a request and continues with the approval and completion of a service request or larger job. We acknowledge that each client is special and has different needs. We aspire to offer individualized and customized service rather than making the client feel as though their request is sent to an assembly line. We take pride in the number of repeat clients and customer referrals we have received over the years.



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