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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide roofing, deck coating and total weatherproofing services with the goal of superior craftsmanship and the highest quality of installation for the trade involved. These goals can only be achieved when we are aware that our work primarily takes place at people's residences, and that we are working for the parents, children and the families of our community. Each location is respected as if it is our own home.

To be sure that we reach this level of service, it is essential that we provide education and instruction to all of our employees so that they realize that this is not only the mission, but the company policy. We also provide seminars and in-house training in all the latest proven technological advancements in the trades.

One of our policies is to have the same mechanics service the same facility and location each time whenever possible. Providing service to the same facility over the years enables us to trace the history of waterproofing problems and rectify them. This serves many roles as the mechanic can respond more quickly, provide increased communication with the maintenance engineer, and build up a rapport with the onsite manager.

We strive to supply to our clients with a pro-active company that shows concern for the residents, protects the owner's investment, and has a beneficial relationship with the managing company. Because of our commitment to quality, reliability and promptness, we will be the foremost company to serve the rental housing industry, homeowners associations, and commercial properties.


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