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About Montross Companies

Montross Companies is a fourth generation roofing company. David's family has been providing roofing services for over 100 years. He started his career in October of 1980, not at the top or in an office position, but on a tear-off crew removing old roofs and driving a dump-truck for a whopping sum of $5.00 an hour. As he learned the trade by on-the-job and additional training, he advanced his way to the top, and in 1986 he obtained a California State license, with various weatherproofing classifications, which he still holds active and current today.

David started his own company in December 2000, and incorporated in January of 2001. He has obtained specific state license classifications to provide accurate recommendations and specifications to meet his clients' growing needs.

C-39 Roofing - This enables Montross Companies to provide repairs, replacement, maintenance and cleaning of virtually all roof systems.

C-61/D-51 Weatherproofing and Waterproofing – Montross Companies can provide deck coating systems, horizontal/vertical cold joint repairs and caulking systems, and specialty repairs like below grade waterproofing to building foundations.

B General Contracting

David took part in a program called Industry Expert (I.E. Program). He was a dispute arbitrator between other contractors in his specified fields and clients. These cases were referred to him by the State. David's expertise and additional training in conflict resolution has assisted in taking some of these cases out of the court system.



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